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Jinmac Pte. Ltd., a beacon of construction excellence, was founded in 1997 and carries a legacy of more than 20 years of exceptional work within the industry. Their specialization in residential, commercial, and industrial projects has not only established them as a trusted name but also demonstrated their versatility and expertise in creating unique structures.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and unparalleled quality, Jinmac has earned numerous accolades, with the most prestigious being the URA Heritage Award in 2016. This award symbolizes their dedication to preserving cultural heritage while embracing modernity.

Since 2007, Jinmac’s visionary director embarked on a journey into boutique developments, consistently expanding the company’s footprint into the exclusive domain of residential development. Their impressive portfolio boasts a wide range of housing types, from landed to cluster housing and condominiums. Properties like D’hiro@Hillside, Grandioso 8, Meridian 38, and Lotus Ville stand as testaments to Jinmac’s reputation for architectural innovation and sophisticated design. The continued success of Jinmac illustrates a company that not only builds structures but crafts homes that resonate with the lives of those who inhabit them.


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Based in the dynamic city-state of Singapore, KY Group has established itself as a formidable player in the real estate development scene. With over two decades of solid experience, the group specializes in the redevelopment of landed residential projects, reflecting its strong presence in Singapore’s vibrant property market.

KY Group’s reputation is built upon a vision that integrates luxury, functionality, and modernity into every project. Their unwavering commitment to these principles is evident in an extensive portfolio that boasts over 15 uniquely crafted projects, including prominent developments like 6 units bungalow at Punggol and 4 units of semi-detached at Toh Avenue & Toh Drive.

Every project undertaken by KY Group is a manifestation of their dedication to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation. The success of the KY Group in delivering top-tier homes has placed them at the forefront of the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and design. Their distinctive approach has not only created stunning homes but also made significant contributions to the contemporary architectural landscape in Singapore. This continued achievement resonates with their goal of enhancing the living experience for every homeowner, emphasizing a blend of aesthetic beauty and practical functionality that distinguishes KY Group in a competitive market.


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